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Disclaimer - All of the products listed are my own opinions. These products might work for you, they just didn't for me. 

1. Bourjois City Radiance Foundation - £9.99

So, I have to admit, this product has caused me ALOT of trouble. I bought this a couple of months ago while having a quick browse in superdug before work. I had recently saw a post on instagram of a girl wearing this and promoting it for how good it was, but for me, this foundation has brung me nothing but a beauty nightmare..

This foundation is SUPER runny, and at first this product glides onto the skin beautifully. On the packaging, it promises a 'Fresh and even complexion' and claims to 'Brighten skin' The only thing this product did for me, was brighten everything i hated about my skin. After nothing more than an hour of wearing this, my pause looked extremely visible, my skin had completely caked up and i had been left with huge patches of my natural red pale skin coming through. For a foundation that looked so beautiful on the girl i saw wearing it, this certainly didn't live up to expectations. 
The truth is, i really wanted to like this product. The colour was perfect and i was drawn to the Matte baby pink packaging, but the overall product was a huge let down for me. Personally, i have oily skin, which could indicate the cause of why the foundation simply slipped off my face. 

2.  Urban Decay 'All Nighter' Setting Spray - £19.99

The UD setting spray has been a Instagram favorite for a fair bit now. I bought this product for the 'over' price of £19.99 from my local Debenhams store. After seeing the internet go CRAZY over this, I decided to throw in the towel and spend my well earned money on what i assumed was a bit of water..And after using this, i stand by that statement. 

This products claims to be 'long lasting'. So, was it? I'm undecided. I feel like, in terms of wear, it made no difference to how long my make up lasted on my face. For someone who, i have previously mentioned, has extremely oily skin, This product did me no justice. Is this just me? I hope not..

I found this product ran out super quick, and also caked my foundation up to heaven. I recently invested in a Revolution setting spray as an alternative, which i use every day for less than half the price of this caking liquid. 

3. Revolution Strobing Highlighter - £3.00

Revolution is a brand i don't think ill ever stop raving about. I pretty much love everything about it, but was unpleasantly surprised when i received this highlighter as a Christmas present. Judging by the pretty wave-like pattern of the product, I was sure to have found a new love of my life with this product. But the reality was quite the opposite.

This highlighter came out extremely chalky on the high points of my face and once blended, disappeared of the face of the earth. After having such high expectations of this product the outcome was nothing but disappointing. Maybe for a more subtle, natural highlighter, this could possibly be the one for you. But as a NikkieTutorials super fan, a full matte face with nothing but an intense glow is all i'm settling for..

4.  WUNDERBROW / dark brown / - £19.99

Ok, so this is another over priced product that i was DYING for, but once i got my hands on, wished id never laid eyes on it, In all fairness, I didn't pay the whopping price of £19.99 for this, as this was another Christmas present from my parents. So, as someone with light hair, my eyebrows are also pretty light, so slapping on a pomade or drawing my eyebrows almost ridiculously dark took a good 15-20 minutes every day. Now, that is ridiculous. So after nagging my mum for this product every day, she gave in and bought it for me for Christmas. For a drugstore product, £19.99 is pretty expensive, but after the reviews i was totally 

convinced this would be worth it. But yet again, no. For the promise of it being 'long lasting' the wunderbrow defiantly fulfilled its purpose. this product was SO hard to get off, which if you want long lasting brows like i do, is perfect. But, there is no doubt in my mind when i say that this eyebrow product, is the runniest, thinnest, most off thing id ever put on my eyebrows in my lifetime. I don't get the shape i want, full look i need or anything but 'long lasting brows', and lets be real, who really wants GROSS looking long lasting brows..?

5. Natural Collection Brown Kit - £1.99

So for the amazing price of £1.99, most eyebrow fanatics would be so impressed if this product turned out to be a favorite. Unfortunately, not. 

Natural Collection is what it says it is in the name, and i guess that's why i'm not a fan. Natural looks just are not my fave, but i'm sure many people may love this product if all they're looking for is a gap filler. Like i explained before,for  someone with only a few scraggy hairs that look like they've been stuck together by glue slapped on above my eyeballs, I need a thick, dark, creamy & pigmented brow product to re create my dream natural brows. And this product just doesn't cut the chase. 

The wax is extremely light and doesn't sit on my brows the same way other kits or pomades have done before. Building it up is also quite a challenge, as the more i build it up the more product seems to slide off with it. The brush is an absolute banger! Not..
The brush is also useless, which in all honesty, i expect form most products that come with a little applicator or brush. But even not using the brush, this product would barely show up and very quickly got thrown at the back of my make up and wasn't touched again. 


1. Barry M Dazzle Dust & Body Glitter £4.59 

As you can see from the beautiful swatch of the dazzle dust by Barry M, these products are defiantly two of my all time favorites. As a HUGE glitter lover, discovering these at the price they are was nothing but a blessing. The Dazzle Dust is a thicker more eye shadow texture (to the left) and the Body Glitter is more of a thin fluttery lose glitter perfect with a bit of glitter glue underneath. 

I use these on my eyelids on almost every occasion or event i attend, or if i'm just feeling extra sparkly that day. these glitters are incredibly pigmented and are very long lasting.
For the price of these little beauties, the results are incredible and i will defiantly be returning to purchase some more of this gorgeous little pots of joy in the future. 

(Ps. ignore my  hands and badly painted nails, lol) 

2. delilah blush - £26.00 

 So I'm not to sure how much this actually cost me, but it defiantly wasn't £26.00. This was something around £8.00 from TK Maxx, and I've never seen a more beautiful Matte blush in the 16 years I've been alive on this earth. The subtle, long lasting, pigmented blush brings my whole face to life, exposing a natural rosy look to my cheeks. For someone who never really wore blush, this baby has become my new go to.

Before this product i had never heard of the brand delilah before. But opening up the product i instantly fell in love and now my obsession has started. The creamy powder blush applies nothing but smoothly to my cheeks and creates the most beautifully texture look. 

I highly recommend this product to anyone who isn't to keen on blushes, as this will completely convert you. The little compact mirror is so handy for putting in your bag or on the go, to. 

3.  Benefits 'They're Real!' Mascara - £20.50

Wow, out of all the amazing products I've spoken about, this one is my all time favorite. I don't think i new what lashes were before i discovered this, and that's the real beauty of it. For a bit more of a pricey product, most people would be surprised to know this is in fact drugstore. 

This mascara really extenuates your natural lashes and transforms them into fluttery elegant wisps of joy. For someone who has quite naturally long lashes, just a few strokes of this products brung my eyelashes to life. The product itself is fairly thick, but using the right strokes and brush techniques this can create a perfect go to look. 

This mascara is very long lasting and wearable on a daily basis. so wave goodbye to those fake eyelashes and welcome in they're real, your lash dreams will come true! 

4.  Revolution Brow Pomade - £6.00

This is hands down my favorite eyebrow pomade to date. Finally, an eyebrow product i actually can big up! When i bought this, it was no more than £3.00, but after everyone looking for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow dupe, this product has been selling fast in local drugstores, which explains why the price has doubled. 

One of my biggest hates about drugstore eyebrow products is the dreaded fear of it turning out red. And, lets be real, nobody wants red eyebrows, do they?..

This ash brown/grey creamy formula has done wonders to my eyebrows. giving off a fuller look, the well-loved pomade is easy to blend to your natural hairs, very long lasting and is an all time favorite of mine. And for £6.00, I don't think you can really go wrong, can you?!

5.  Morphe 35K Palette - £23.50 

 And last of all, the famous Morphe Palettes are a MUST to my favorites. This is the 35K, a gorgeous array of creamy blend-able shimmer and matte eye shadows, all combined together as one palette.

Perfect for smoky and neutrals, I decided this was the best bet, and purchased one from Cult Beauty for £23.50. For the gorgeous shadows you receive, the price doesn't even come into question, considering the amazing quality of these shadows. I use these colours every single day (more the neutrals) and for parties stick to
the darker more smoky colours at the bottom. As you can see, this palette is pretty messy as i love to use it so much, and i cant wait to purchase my second soon. The only down side to this is its not very mobile, meaning when i stay over somewhere i cant bring this palette with me as it takes up to much room. However, morphe have released significant smaller palettes for easy travel access, so again, the money isn't even questionable over how great these shadows really are. 

So that was my 5 Hates & Loves so far this year!:) thankyou for reading my blog, 

Daisy x

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