Thursday, 2 February 2017

Just Me🌸


Getting started I am 16 years old. I live in Southampton, UK and just starting out something I've longed to do for a long time. I have ALWAYS wanted to become a YouTuber but don't have the equitment to do so.. so I've started out here

I love writing so much and really loved English back in school. Currently, while all my friends are at college studying various subjects along a part-time job, I'm a college drop out from back in October and recently left my job at a popular resteraunt.. and I can tell you know, I wish I was doing something. It's a teenagers dream to sleep in late, eat what they want, do what they want, but not for me. Although I have typical teenage girl traits and antics I would love to be getting back into work or college but can't figure out where to start. The stereotypical view on teenagers like me, are things along the lines of "lazy" and "in-motivated" the truth is I just hated college and my work treated my like utter crap.

So this is where I'm setting out on doing something I love to do. I am hoping to start a college course in the September coming, along the lines of beauty. The truths is, I am a HUGE beauty hoarder, from Primark to Marc Jacobs, I just can't get enough. Although I feel like my life is falling to pieces with no education or work, I'm trying my best to figure it out. I feel like a blog will help me express my emotions and how I feel about sometimes feeling a little isolated.

However, I have the best circle of friends possible. Like, those guys, are truly great people. I also have a very loving family of 4 (including myself)
I have a wonderful mum and dad and an older brother who is 3 years older than me. The love and support I have from them is amazing! I have a little dog who's 6 named Maisie. I honestly have no idea why I named her such a name so similar to mine, but I guess we went with it..

I really hope to start this year with a positive mind set and motivated. From a young age I always had a real passion for art, which at the age of around 15 turned into make-up loving, and trust me, my dressing table is STACKED up of make up. I guess I just enjoy collecting bits and trying out new things. I spend about an hour every day making my make up a "work of art". The fascination of a glowy highlighter and some Demi-whispies overwhelms me.

Back to things about me, I am about 5'1 making me very small and petite for my age. I am a baby of the group when it comes to height, the one who at concerts gets trampled on and squished in between cominded spaces, or the one who has to ask someone to reach the drink from the top shelf. Yeah, that's me..

So hopefully that gives you a little insight of what kind of person I am and what I'm into. Soon I'll be getting into more detail about beauty, some fashion here and there, what I've been up to and just common interests.

Thankyou very much for reading,

~ daisyanne ~ 🌸

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